Local Partners

Our clinic partners use evidence based practice and premiere non-bias resources as their foundation. Amputee Resource Center collaborates with these local clinics to bring you the very best resources for education, research, and evidence. Our Local Partners support our national resources and provide Orthotic and Prosthetic patient care services in your community. We recommend these clinics if you are seeking Orthotic and Prosthetic care.

Our Purpose

Amputee Resource Center provides a national resource to help support the educational needs of people living with limb loss. Our network of clinic partners helps amputees seek a clinic in their community who believe in providing care based on the best available prosthetic evidence. These resources help the community of amputees, care givers, therapist and clinicians understand and educate themselves with the best available non-bias evidence and resources. Please take a tour of Amputee Resource Center and find a local partner.

Our Resources

We have identified and collaboratively developed premier resources with a national network of prosthetic clinics who share them with their community. Amputee Resource Center helps you find components, learn proper care, view inspirational stories about people living with limb loss, and most importantly, seek a local clinic if you are an amputee, caregiver, therapist or clinician. Use Amputee Resource Center as a starting point, and find a local clinic for comprehensive care.

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